Family friendly Mobile App suitable for age 4+ featuring Mental Math Challenges in four arithmetic operations. Also features three levels of challenges for all ages. Also enables parents to track the detail reports for each of the challenge to improve kid’s math skills.

A must have Ad-Free App to sharpen yours and your kids’ mental math skills.

Age: 4+ Yrs.

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Math Man

Service Provided

UI/UX Design, App Development, Backend, QA, Content Development, LOGO Design

Technology Stack

Xamarin, Visual Studio, UWP, SQLite, C#

Key Feature of MATH MAN App

Math Practice

Wide Range of Operation

Family friendly App for anyone age 4+

Mental Math Challenge in four basic arithmetic operations

Great tool for parents to track their kids’ progress

Multiple Difficulty Level

Every arithmetic challenge is split into three difficulty levels – easy, medium & hard

Math Man
Math Man
Math Man

Interactive UI

Fun for all age

Ad-free App – makes it more kids friendly and locks their concentration during the challenge.

Track how much time spend on each problem.

Track Progress

Each mental math challenge results are being recorded for future reference

Progress report can be filter by challenge level, arithmetic operation and dates

Math Man

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