An App for a Chess Tutor to assign a practice games to the students. This App also tracks the chess moves student decided and compares with the expected moves. App provides real time feedback for the moves to the Students. Tutor can also monitor the moves decided by the Students and accuracy.


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iOS, Android & Windows (UWP) App Development, Backend Engineering, Logo Design, Website Design

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2020 - 2021

About Our Client And His Requirements

From the beautiful island of Karpathos near Greece, our client felt the increasing need to learn & teach the game of Chess online. For that very reason, client was looking for a one stop solution for all the Chess students and teachers. His vision was far larger than just an App where teacher teaches to students. His vision was to empower the students who have been learning Chess for quite few years and now capable of teaching basic Chess techniques to others.

While looking for a way to make his vision a reality, we realized that having a single App where you can be a student and teacher would be a perfect platform. But hey! how about you are learning different skill sets from different teachers while you are a teacher to students learning basic moves – we got you covered!

With client’s vision and our value-added service, Chessy came into action on all three platforms – iOS, Android & Windows. Learn from experts across the world, learn new skills and if you think you have it in you – feel free to become the teacher and have your students find you.

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10 Points Introduction

Cross Platform User Experience

Either you want to use your Cellphone, iPad or your Windows PC, Chessy is available on all platform with seamless user experience.

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Secured Sign-In

Assuring peace of mind with Google’s firebase authentication and end-to-end password encryption. 

Quick Sign-In Access

Quick access is a boon to sign-in to the account without entering the details next time you want to sign-in. This feature is handy when there are Multiple Chess Students in the a home learning with either different teachers or levels of Chess classes !

Personalized Profile

Personalized profile helps you get connected with your teachers. Keep yourself and others updated about your excelling ratings or Fide Title.

Student Portal

Student portal allows you to check the latest news in the world of chess at your finger tips!

Also select your teacher(s) or practice assignments.

Multiple Teacher Support

Do you think you got what it takes to teach others Chess? Come join our teacher community while you are still learning on advanced moves from other teachers.

Chessy supports you to be a student of multiple teachers and along-side you can be a teacher to the students too!

Assignment Practice

With the multiple teacher support – we know how puzzling it can be to be top of your assignments.

We got you covered! 

With Chessy – you can work on all the assignments from multiple teachers using the single portal. Also you can switch the teacher during the practice easily with the select teacher option.

Real-time Assignment Feedback

Get the feedback real-time about your move and its status. You can also know your total progress in the assignment list. Completion icons are great way to know your progress!

Dedicated Teacher Portal

Planning to teach Chess? – We got your covered from the hassle of using multiple apps – Student/Teacher etc. Chessy is single instance App that gives you access to your Student and Teacher Portals side by side.

While you are learning advance check-mates, you can also manage your students & their assignments. Dedicated Review Assignments gets you to review your students’ progress real-time.

Detailed Assignment Review

Assignment Review option gives you all the details about what student decided to move and whether the move was correct or wrong!

If you think your pre-fed PGN files missed out a move and student got you on that – you can change the status of the move from wrong to correct or you think student needs to re-work on the assignment – go ahead and re-assign the work through review assignment portal.

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